Help us take over Half Full Brewery & join us for The 203’s Brief Relief Party!


The goal of the event is to bring the community together for a fun evening of local beer, tasty pizza, corn hole, music and good times -- while collecting items to give back to local community members in need.


On the night of the event, we will be collecting socks, undies and boxer briefs for local homeless shelters throughout Connecticut. And the following day, Roscoe and Tory will be donating all of the items to local homeless shelters. (*Did you know that these items are some of the MOST needed, yet least donated items in local shelters?)
203 community day Roscoe Brown
The Two Oh Three will be donating 203 pairs of “briefs” to local shelters -- and we hope that this party can help us donate (at least) 203 additional pairs
In celebration of 2/03 (Feb 3rd) we giving back to the community that has given us to much support! *** BUTTT since the Super Bowl has hijacked 2/03 this year… we will be hosting our 203 DAY on 2/02 or Feb 2nd instead**
It’s simple- bring your friends to our 203 Day Party on 2/02-- bring a new, unopened pack of boxers, socks or underwear to the event & your first beer is on us.

Come HUNGRY--- Dough Girls Pizza will be there making delicious pies!

Come hang out with us!! We can't wait to see you all there!



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